Concentration and attention

Regarding concentration and attention, do you know any athlete who gets nice marks without training hard? Well, the same thing happens with concentration: the student who wants to improve it has to train every day.

► Reinforcing your interest: Never start studying with the mindset that what you’re studying is boring, because then it really will be boring. You should rather think about how useful things are, and the results you get from your studying. You must be enthusiastic about what you’re studying. Then, it will be easier and more fun.

► Keep a positive attitude: You need to keep a positive attitude towards your classes, teachers and classmates. Of course, there are pros and cons about everything, but the people who always try to find the silver lining are the ones who succeed. The world belongs to optimists. If you always seek the positives about your classes, teachers and classmates, then learning will be more fun and interesting, and your attention and concentration will improve.

► Know yourself, trust in your skills: It’s essential for you to trust in yourself. If you give up at the very start, how will you ever succeed? Be realistic, and think that if you work hard, you can get anything you want.

► Control your nerves: When something doesn’t come out right, be calm. Getting nervous doesn’t solve anything, and it’s better to do relaxation exercises to help you keep control and, once you’re calm, you can find a solution.

► Confront your mistakes: No one’s perfect, we all make mistakes. But, people can react in different ways when facing a mistake: they either cave in and never get back on track, or they learn from their mistakes and move on. To be clearer: there are some students who get depressed when they fail a class, and so they stop studying. There are other students who fail a class, and then analyze what happened and what their mistake was, and they start studying, more eager than ever. Which of these will succeed?

► Avoid distractions: Look for the causes, the when, the how, and the why of getting distracted, and try to solve it.

► Solve your problems: You’ll have a hard time studying if there’s a problem and you let it get stuck in your mind.

► Get good study habits: Just like a good athlete prepares his muscles for great efforts with all his training, a good student prepares his mind, he trains it and accustoms it to study sessions. If the athlete didn’t prepare, he would get exhausted quickly, and if the student doesn’t prepare, he’ll have mental fatigue.

► Surround yourself with an adequate social environment: In a way, this is similar to what happens to athletes. When they have fans cheering for them and supporting them, they play better and get better results. The same thing happens with you, and this is why it’s important for your family to support you, and for you to be surrounded by good friends, who are hard-working and responsible. This will all help you greatly