Study breaks

Breaks: some students prefer not to take breaks, because then they lose all concentration and need lots of time to go back to studying. In contrast, breaks are really useful for other students, because this lets them renew their strength and continue working. For some, changing activities is enough of a rest.

What’s the case with you?

If you prefer to take breaks, remember the following:

-Don’t do it when you’re in the maximum performance phase, because this is the best time to study.

– If you only take one break, take it when you notice your performance and concentration start to decay.

– Don’t use your break for activities that make you lose concentration, such as watching TV, listening to the radio or starting long conversations, because then it will be difficult to concentrate again.

– It’s advisable to do some relaxation and concentration exercises. You’ll rest and you’ll be in good physical and mental shape to continue with the rest of the work.

– In all cases, breaks should be short during study times.