Studying is like a race. It’s not about doing our best only for a couple of days, but rather about being able to keep a nice work rhythm for a long time.

It’s more like a marathon than a test of speed.

This demands a perfect health, and breaks play a really important aspect in this.

The student needs to plan his activities in a way that it leaves him time to study, but also has time to rest and enjoy.

It’s important to be able to disconnect oneself from the work, to have some incentives.

There are many hours in a day, and you can do a lot of things, it’s just a matter of organization. You would be surprised with what you can do in a day if you know how to make the best of time, if you avoid absurd waste of time.

Considering that, in most classes (school, college, except in some careers like engineering, architecture, medicine, etc.), dedicating around 2 to 3 hours of study a day is enough, there are still many hours left to do other activities.