The most important thing about the outlining technique is that it helps us highlight the most important ideas, and there are several different procedures to do it.

You might think that outlining slows down your reading, and logically, it’s true, but it also helps you get a better comprehension, and it keeps you active during your reading.


Lastly, outlining is personal: you outline according to what you know and what you want. Two classmates can outline different things in the same subject, because, for example, one of them might know a lot about a subject, and so she outlines fewer words. than the one who doesn’t know about it.

Because of this, you shouldn’t study from texts that have been outlined by other people, and you shouldn’t outline texts that other people will use.


Outlining is about highlighting; highlight the points, ideas, details and important notes in the text, using a personal code (lines, highlights, signs, etc.).